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Our Company Has One Goal In Mind:  

Maintain and grow our reputation for excellence in the installation, repair, and education of Avionics.

However, that does not mean we lack experience. 
The Lead Technician/Owner has been in the industry for 30 years now!!
Baker Avionics 2019

"We want to bring that "Mayberry Feel" back to the industry, so when you come to

Baker Avionics, you are not just our customer, you are our most important customer. "

A New Company and FAA Certified Repair Station as of 2019


Baker Avionics and their three decades of experience is your guarantee that every aspect of aircraft ownership and operation can exceed your expectations. You can always expect reliable deadlines and budgets when you hire us to refurbish, repair, or maintain your aircraft’s avionics equipment. You’ll also appreciate the creative solutions and our great network of aviation professionals when we’re helping you to upgrade the current equipment in your aircraft.

Owner & Lead Technician

Greg received his FAA Airframe license in 1998 after serving 8 years in the US Army as an Avionics Technician.  He then retained a position at an FAA-approved MRO Repair Station for “Heavy Iron” in Florida and worked as an Entry Level Avionics Technician.  Never satisfied with what he was learning throughout his “regular hours” he worked a minimum of 4 hours each night without pay to learn his craft better and more in-depth.  He rapidly worked his way up the ladder to ultimately become the Assistant Manager and then Manager of the Avionics Department. 


He then went on to work his way through the different levels of the Aircraft world from Heavy Iron down to the Part 23 aircraft and at that time, he fell in love!  Once he found himself around the Part 23 aircraft, he realized that is where it all began!  He found his TRUE passion there being able to see the fruits of his labor, getting to know the individual owners and why they have their aircraft really gave his cause a meaning.  He knew this is where Aviation all began and the aircraft means more to the owners of Part 23 because they, for the most part, help put food on the table, and mean more to the owners as a true asset versus just a tax write-off.   “This is where the rubber meets the road”, he said, and he will always do what it takes to ensure their safety and accuracy no matter the cost.

Leah Baker Owner of Baker Avionics
Edward (Buddy) Robinson Bush Pilot
Owner & Creative Director/Office Manager

Leah works as the Office Manager/Creative Director for Baker Avionics.  She is a 6th generation born and raised in the Rogue Valley, in beautiful Southern Oregon.  She comes from a family of farmers, and had a great great uncle settle in the mid-1800's here in the town of Grants Pass.  He was responsible for some of the beautiful wood working in some of the homes and churches in town.

Early on in her career, she was able to get training in the art of graphic design and fell head over heels for it. Throughout the years, she has been responsible for marketing departments in several companies, as well as her own business, LB Creative Works. Today, Leah helps with Panel Planning, in the way of Computerized Renditions.  This really helps the customer visualize their upcoming install and needed adjustments to instruments to fit their needs.  

Leah also, has a few pilots in her family and was introduced to General Aviation at a young age.  Her Grandpa Robinson being one, who was a bush pilot for several years in Alaska pictured here to the left.

Come visit and say hello!

Located on the SouthWest Corner of the Grants Pass Airport
Located in Beautiful Southern Oregon


" I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your recent work on my Garmin GPS, Transponder, trim switch, as well as the installation of my Garmin G5. I have had some experience with other avionics shops but my encounter with you was the best experience to date. 
Your willingness and eagerness to answer my questions whether in person or on the phone certainly made me feel at ease. As someone who works in the customer service industry, I can honestly say your professionalism, expertise, and attention to detail was top notch. I cannot tell you how many times I have been told a project will be done on a certain day only to see my project be completed a week or two late and to be told it would cost more. I could not be happier your finishing the project on time, within budget, and with the top-notch workmanship, you provided. 
I look forward to our next project to install the autopilot in my M20E! "

Robert ~ Sacramento

"They did a great job installing best-in-class avionics, not just the biggest brand, and did it at a very good price. My panel is featured in their photos if you want to see it."

Theo ~ Grants Pass

"I have been watching your posts on ADS-B install and just want to say how much I appreciate what you contribute to this community - while at the same time tell you that I hate you for being on the west coast.  I would love to have a resource like you, local/regional (PA), that I could have confidence in the integrity and quality of their work.  You seem like a very standup guy.  I certainly appreciate the simplicity and openness of your posts as they relate to what's behind the iron curtain at the avionics shops. Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that and say thanks for your contributions to this forum.  I have learned a ton from your posts. 

I will definitely keep you in mind for the prebuilds as I contemplate future upgrades. Might even shoot you a message now and then asking for your advice."

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