Each project is taken to a personal level based on the needs of the pilot and the type of aircraft.  

Some of the steps taken to plan your panel

  • Discussions with the Owner/Lead Technician on your needs and wants and what will work with your current systems as well as your aircraft.

  • Once a determination is made, our Creative Department will create a computerized rendition of what your panel could look like.  (This helps with the visualization and puts your dream in a visual aspect)  At this point, you may want to move another instrument or two around.

  • Discuss the proposed layout, and if changes are needed, then that is taken into consideration and another rendition can be done at that time.

Throughout your panel planning, knowledge, creativity, care and having the experience that 30 years in the industry brings will help bring your needs and your dreams to a reality.  

  • Experience & knowledge of FAR requirements  

  • Up to date with the latest & proven technology

  • Creativity & ability to think outside the box      

  • Optimizing Your Increased Situational Awareness

Below you will see an example of one of our projects.  This wasn't one of our more in-depth panel plans but it will give you a good example of the FREE PANEL RENDITIONS that we offer.

In this instance we installed the Aspen Evolution 2000 Max and the TruTrak PMA Vision, now known as the AeroCruze 100. The customer also opted to move the Engine Monitor in line of sight, as well as the installation of his new yokes.