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Our company has one goal in mind:
Maintain and grow our reputation for excellence
in the installation, repair, and education of Avionics.

Baker Avionics is a premier FAA Certified Repair Station. We specialize in full-service avionics from expert troubleshooting, avionics installations, IFR/VFR Certifications, custom panels, and more. Our team of experienced professionals has been serving the aviation community for over 50 years. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality products and services, at competitive prices. At Baker Avionics, we are committed to ensuring your safety and satisfaction. Let us help you take your aviation experience to new heights.

"We want to bring that "Mayberry Feel" back to the industry, so when you come to

Baker Avionics, you are not just our customer, you are our most important customer. "

Baker Avionics Shop at Grants Pass Airport

Meet the Team

Greg Baker

Owner/Accountable Manager

Greg received his FAA Airframe license in 1998 after serving 8 years in the US Army as a Nuclear Missile Guidance and Control Systems Repairer and then as an Avionics Technician.  He then retained a position at an FAA-approved MRO Repair Station for “Heavy Iron” in Florida and worked as an Entry Level Avionics Technician.  Never satisfied with what he was learning throughout his “regular hours” he worked a minimum of 4 hours each night without pay to learn his craft better and more in-depth.  He rapidly worked his way up the ladder to ultimately become the Assistant Manager and then Manager of the Avionics Department. 

He then went on to work his way through the different levels of the Aircraft world from Heavy Iron down to the Part 23 aircraft and at that time, he fell in love!  Once he found himself around the Part 23 aircraft, he realized he found his TRUE passion.  Being able to see the fruits of his labor, getting to know the individual owners, and why they have their aircraft really gave his cause a meaning.  He knew this was where Aviation all began and the aircraft means more to the owners of Part 23 because they, for the most part, help put food on the table, and mean more to the owners as a true asset versus just a tax write-off.   “This is where the rubber meets the road”, he said, and he will always do what it takes to ensure their safety and accuracy no matter the cost. He doesn’t really have a set “sales approach” as he doesn’t believe that Avionics should be sold, instead, he chooses to educate the customer, give them their options, along with the pros and cons of each option, and tries to field as many customer questions as possible.

Greg enjoys spending quality time with his wife, children, grandchildren and extended family and friends.  He is “at home” when he is doing outdoor activities such as fishing, hunting, rafting, hiking and camping. 


Leah Baker

Owner/Administrative Director

Leah may be the one that is responsible for all this madness.  Being very impressed with Greg's abilities and lifelong career in Avionics, she felt his full potential could only come out without the restraints of working for someone else. There may or may not have been some prodding to open up a family business...  Leah's abilities came in on the administrative side, she set up systems and processes and now oversees all of the operations in the office from insurance, customer and vendor relations, human resources, FAA compliance and so much more.  Leah's passion is for Creative design and has had the vision for branding throughout, from the logo to the website, and marketing material.  Leah also comes from a family of pilots starting with her grandfather who was a bush pilot in Alaska.  Currently, she is working on the website store as well as the new division, CAD Panels.  On her off time, she enjoys the outdoors, loves to camp, and fish, and is also a Master Gardener.


Good workplace culture is extremely important to us.

We foster and empower each and everyone on the team to make decisions and we all hold eachother accountable.  Each one of us is crucial to the success at Baker Avionics.


Lead Technician


Cory has been with Baker Avionics since 2020.  He is very dedicated and has been right beside us through the ups and downs of a new business, through covid, and the major supply chain shortages we have experienced.  Cory spent 10 years in the Marines where he was introduced to Avionics.  Cory is very accomplished with structural sheet metal, as well as our autopilot guru.  He has refined and built on his Avionics skills and is now one of our key  technicians with troubleshooting Avionics issues.  Cory is also authorized to approve an article for return to service as well as supervising the other technicians on the floor.  He wears many hats and we thoroughly appreciate him.


Office Manager


Paige started with us at the beginning of 2024.  She brings a positive energy and fits well in our culture which is very important to us.  Paige is the first one you see when you come through the door and the first one to answer the phone.  She handles inventory, part ordering, scheduling, human resources, and so much more! 


Isaiah Baker - 12/15/2005 - 9/26/2020

Isaiah is Greg and Leah's youngest son.  He helped so much in the starting of the business. The parts room was something he was starting to take ownership of.  We lost Isaiah to suicide in an in-the-moment act that was totally unforeseen in the terrible year of Covid in 2020.  His loss has left behind a hole and grief that at times is so difficult to bear.  I know he would be proud of where the business is today and we wish he was here to experience it.

Isaiah was such a wonderful person, with a wonderful heart, and is missed by so many.  In this time of not enough time, work, chaos, and fears, just remember the children who are trying to find their way.  They are our future, be patient and be kind.    

Isaiah 25:8  He will swallow up death forever and the

Sovereign Lord Jehovah will wipe away the tears from all faces.

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