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Custom Aircraft Panel by Baker Avionics


IFR  |  VFR  |  RVSM
When you start out as a pilot, you fly under VFR ratings.  Meaning you fly using visual references. Once you earn your PPL you can then train to become Instrument Rated to fly IFR.  Flying IFR, is a great protection for any pilot, especially in poor visibility.

According to FAA Guidelines, All transponder-equipped aircraft for both certified and experimental aircraft  must have their transponder tested and certified every two years.
If operating under IFR you must have the altimeter(s), encoder, and static system tested and certified every two years.

In addition, after modification, maintenance, or at initial installation you must have the altimeter and encoder checked for data correspondence. (Included for free in our installations)


Aircraft Information

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Please Note:  Only one image file can be uploaded.  Sending a current photo of your panel will help in providing you with an accurate quote.  

Please try and take a picture that shows the full panel and centered.

Thanks! We’ll send you a price quote soon!

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