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Baker Avionics is an authorized dealer for most cockpit and cabin avionics equipment.  We are big enough to handle all of your Avionics needs but small enough to give the attention and care you deserve.   Along with our avionics and industry experience, we can provide the expertise to tackle any job on your General or Business Aircraft.

  • AirGizmos

  • Appareo

  • Aspen Avionics

  • BendixKing

  • Dynon

  • Dynon Certified

  • Electronics International

  • Genesys Aerosystems/S-Tec

  • J.P. Instruments

  • L3

  • PS Engineering

  • Ram Mounts

  • Trio

  • Trig

  • TruTrak

  • uAvionix


Baker Avionics at work
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